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Dance Queen, Kaffy Boast About Her Profession

Born kafayat Oluwatotin shafau but popularly known as Kaffy, the dancer is regarded as the queen of dance in Nigeria after she won Nokia Silverbirld Danceathon in 2006. 

She broke the Guinness book of records as the longest dancer standing in a dance party and ever since her career took an upturn.

The mother of two has featured in videos of top celebrities and as well been able to share stages with some international personalities.

While many do have a bad perception of dancers and video vixens, the pro dancer in an interview with Nigezie discloses that the entertainment industry can’t do without dancers.

All what looks like a boast; she is definitely proud of her profession and how well it had grown to have a deep impact in the entertainment world.


She said:  “The dance industry in Nigeria has really grown. It has grown beyond just popularity stunt. Dancers have started understanding that this is real, it’s sustainable and there is enough security in it to retire on their own terms. Dancers need to understand that the business side different from the art side. Understanding the business side of things, we’re still getting there.

“It has been established that dance is a part and parcel of the entertainment industry. You don’t see music videos without some dance. I don’t think a music video would be fun without an element of dance or movement or choreography.

Even when the artiste does not use dancers, they would need somebody to coordinate them on how to look at the camera and how to act on set.

Usher didn’t just wake up in the morning and know how to do all that, somebody taught him. Who is that person, it’s a dancer.”

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