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See Lady Who Got Serious Beating as Valentine Gift

While others are buying gifts for their loved ones to mark the Valentine’s Day, a lady identified as Sabina was physically assaulted by one of her neighbors. 

Sabina was said to have received some beating by a male neigbour who was under the influence of “Igbo”.

According to her story, she said the guy accused her of stealing his water but when she replied back that she did not steal his water, she received a very terrible beating.

“For those of you guys saying rubbish on my social media, this happened to me unexpectedly on 14 February, Valentine’s Day.

“I was washing my clothes outside my house, one stupid Guy that always shout like a fool because he do smoke weed, shouted & said his water was missing & I told him I don’t know about d missing water he looked at me & said to me re u mad…

“I asked him wot have I done wrong and he said wen he’s talking I shouldn’t talk, I told him why not and he started beating me up.”

Well, we hope she recovers quickly.

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